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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Vegan product review: Mt Raw Skincare

Those of you who've followed me for a while, here and on Twitter, will know that a few months ago I suffered with a bad allergic reaction to some chemical preservatives in paint that I then discovered were in several of my household products and toiletries as well :( It's called methylisothiazolinone and you can read more about it here.

So I've banned anything containing it and I'm enjoying a range of more natural products now.

But as luck would have it I happened across this new company: 
Mt Raw Skincare and I've been trying some of their products, so thought I would review!

I've tried:

Raw Hemp Body Moisturiser

Raw Jojoba Mild Facial Moisturiser and

Raw Rosehip Wrinkle Repair

The products arrived safely, incredibly well packaged and I love the contemporary design of the boxes.

And could there be a more beautifully simple ingredients list?! Just pure organic oils. Wonderful.

Each has just a delicate fragrance of the natural core ingredient - but not so much as to be too pungent or offputting.

The moisturisers have a pump dispenser which works well and the wrinkle repair has a dropper that's ideal (you only need one drop near each eye!).

They do feel very luxurious to use and although they might seem quite pricey, its clear they will last me a long time, so actually they're very good value. The dark blue glass protects the oils from daylight so the shelf life will be good as well.

all totally organic

But most importantly I've suffered no adverse reaction to these oils at all - my skin seems to drink them in and infact 2 slight dry patches I suffer with have dissappeared and as I use the facial oil last thing at night I wake up with my skin feeling lovely and soft and smooth. I'm pretty sure that my laughter lines (yes, thats what I'll call them at my age) are looking a little less obvious as well ;)

All in all I'm loving these products. They're certified organic (which is even better to know when you're living a vegan lifestyle), registered with BUAV and for peace of mind they're also registered with the Vegan Society Trademark.

You can find out more and buy your own here.

Chantal xx

I was sent these products as free samples to trial. My review remains, as always, impartial, genuine and unbiased.