Why Vegan?

The most frequently asked question... and my current reply...

“I’m saving lives (including my own) and reducing my impact on the planet …PLUS it’s easy! Why wouldn’t I be Vegan?”

The simple facts are that humans don’t need to either eat animal-based foods, manufacture animal derived products or use animals for any other purpose – including testing, research or entertainment.

In an increasingly populated world (an extra 2 billion people by 2050) current non-Vegan lifestyles are not sustainable and they’re devastating the environment on the planet we call ‘home’.

So, to me, Veganism, in its purest form, is about having the compassion to change our lifestyles accordingly. 

We’re all consumers, and each and every one of us has the ability to do something individually, that collectively, drives positive change. 
Together we’re a powerful force to be reckoned with and OUR buying power determines what companies, industries and governments do.

Whatever stories you’ve heard about Veganism and whatever your current perception – the facts surrounding its positive benefits are undisputed and are encompassed in two vital issues for humans as a species:

1. Saving lives (of all species, including humans).                     

2. Protecting our home planet (for ourselves and our children).

All life is interconnected and interdependent, delicately and cleverly balanced, so my personal philosophy is about the ‘bigger picture’.

My 3 main reasons in more detail:

1. All living beings (animals and humans alike) have equal rights to a peaceful life free from suffering. They should never be used, harmed or consumed in any way. Veganism should seek to eradicate suffering as far as is possible. We can all live in harmony.

2. Our beautiful natural world and all of its delicate ecosystems are in danger of being irreversibly destroyed as a result of modern farming practices and the way humans now live. This makes Veganism an imperative course of action if we are to protect our planet as a safe home for a growing population of human life and all other earthlings.

 2. Unbiased studies and research consistently show that a varied, well balanced, whole foods plant-based diet is by far the healthiest option for the human body. I'd like to live a long, healthy and productive life and if I don't need to consume animal 'products' to do that, then why would I?

Pretty simple, isn't it?

But I wasn't born Vegan and I didn't arrive at Veganism overnight. For me it was an evolution, an 'awakening' to this wonderful destination.
You can read my full story here.

Much love

Chantal xx
So... why Vegan? 

Surely the more important question is:
Why NOT Vegan?! 
It's an ethical obligation and a planetary imperative.

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