Why Veggie Soup for the Soul?

Some of you have picked up on the name of this blog being similar to that of a well known book (Chicken Soup for the Soul). For those of you who haven't heard of it / read it, it's a collection of uplifting stories of human endeavour, compassion and lovely (unexplained) circumstances designed to lift your spirits and restore your faith in mankind.

I want my blog to have the same effect - for it to be a 'soup' of narrative and information designed to show that there's a way to live that can, and will, be happier for you, all other animals and our beautiful planet! AND, that there are still some good guys and gals out there in the world...

I'm a realist and a questioning modernist, who's trying to break free of the indoctrination and propaganda that's fed to us, in all the ways of the world, from the moment we're born.

I passionately believe in the equality of all species. I want to help save the amazing planet that we're all temporary custodians of. And increasingly, I'm convinced that modern diseases of the affluent West are exacerbated by eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

For me that does mean going back to some basics:
* Questioning 'authority' and modern-day industries;
* demonstrating compassion to ALL animals - humans included,
* living an entirely VEGAN lifestyle,
* connecting with other humans (who feel that something is missing and who 'want to break free' of the mind-numbing fog of a 'brainwashed' existence in today's society), 
* being an advocate for positive change.

To me, it's neither radical or 'extreme' - it's just common sense.

So this blog isn't a highly edited, politically correct, glamorously photographed publication - it's real life, from a life that's more real.

Please say hello.

Chantal xx

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