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Monday, 25 August 2014

Talk the walk... why wouldn't you?

Chantal Denny

In a former life I've appeared on TV and radio, been a trainer, a coach and a mentor and I've given talks and presentations to thousands of people. I love it.

So now, I'm using that passion and experience to share with others, my thoughts on contemporary Veganism.
And I say contemporary - because that's my only view and experience of it. I'm living it as it is (and can be) now.
I was non-vegan less than 3 years ago, so I still have an understanding of that way of life.
Perhaps this gives me a different kind of empathy and a fresh perspective?
Come and see me speak and you can decide for yourself.

Appearing at major Vegan festivals and on tour, UK-wide 2014/15. Available for any and all gatherings and events.

Want to start some interesting conversations? Please get in touch to book ;)

Chantal xx

Title:   “It’s Easy to be Vegan!”

This presentation comes from Chantal Denny – Founding Director of an exciting new UK Vegan project, who’s first public campaign 2014/15 “It’s easy to be Vegan!” launched with great success earlier this year.

This campaign was developed in response to her survey on veganism that revealed people’s top (negative) perception of the lifestyle to be ‘it’s difficult and restrictive’. Her talk will prove that living a contemporary Vegan lifestyle is the complete opposite of this and that with a little know-how it’s far easier than people think.

“Living a compassionate lifestyle is fun, hugely rewarding and can be truly liberating in every sense. There are no valid excuses for not living a Vegan lifestyle.” CD

A persuasive and passionate speaker, Chantal offers a positive and thought-provoking approach to all aspects of living this way. She’ll chart the ‘rise and rise’ of veganism over the last few years and showcase a multitude of top tips for getting started or making existing lifestyles even better.

Controversial topics include:

1.       Convenience foods are not the enemy

2.       Why raw food, juicing, and kale might be harmful

3.       Cooking isn't necessary and cost is just an excuse

4.       When wearing leather, wool and silk is OK

5.       How non-vegan lifestyles are cruel and unnecessary

6.       Why you should trust her on the above five topics ;)

This presentation will leave people inspired to live differently.

They will also know that it’s entirely possible for them, even as just one individual, to save lives and help protect our beautiful home planet.

Most importantly, it will give them the confidence and tools to do so, immediately.

Chantal shows that the possibilities are endless and that the future really could (and should) be Vegan.

“It’s so easy to be Vegan these days, that you’ll leave thinking – why wouldn’t you be?” CD

Quote: ‘It’s often said that those who think veganism is easy are focused on the animals, those who think it’s difficult are focused on themselves…’

Note: This presentation can be adapted to any length, from a short pre-dinner version (just 15 minutes) to an (entertaining!) full 60 minutes. Chantal is an experienced and enthusiastic public speaker. She favours an interactive presentation style, engaging audience participation and using multi-media visuals for best effect. Back-up resources for the presentation will be available online to help people after the event.